Here is a look into the Data

To best understand youth substance use in Aurora, we collected quantitative and qualitative data relating to youth use of marijuana, alcohol and misuse of prescription drugs. We looked at the Healthy Kids Colorado Surveydata from the Aurora Police Department, Aurora Public Schools, Colorado Department of Transportation, and others (see full list of sources here).

Here's a look at the results:


  • Usage and risk factor stats (2017 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey)

  • Alcohol and drug related vehicle accidents involving youth (Colorado Department of Transportation)

  • Alcohol and drug related school suspensions (Colorado Department of Education)

  • Alcohol and drug related crimes among youth (Aurora Police Department Crime Database)

  • Alcohol and drug related ER admissions among youth (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment ER database)

  • Alcohol and drug related substance abuse treatment admissions (Drug and Alcohol Coordinated Data System Database)

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