Our Four Main Strategies Are:

  • Positive Social Norming

    • Gateway High School students were able to look at and interpret data. They took the data they felt most connected to and made posters specific to their school with positive social norming messages. We will be voting on the posters soon as well as reaching out to other schools to begin more social norming campaigns.

  • Alternative Activities for Students

    • This group has successfully implemented two day winter break programming as well as two day spring break programming. Summer programming is currently being run, which includes field trips to Denver, Boulder and Red Rocks.

  • Parent and Community Resources

    • A Parent Resource Fair was hosted at Gateway High School which included community partners and speakers. There is going to be a large community Opioid awareness block party in August that will provide a large amount of free resources.

  • Youth Prevention Education

    • The PACT (Prevention and Awareness through Core Training) Team facilitated the Botvin Lifeskills Curriculum successfully in one middle school and four high schools during the 2017/2018 school year to reach 721 students.